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The library has Digital Downloads available for customers on the website.  OverDrive is the company that provides us with our digital content.

By the end of this post you will be able to:

  • Explain Overdrive what is it and is not to customers.
  • Sign in to Digital Downloads
  • View my account
  • Browse items
  • Search by format
  • Search available copies using advanced search options
  • Place a hold and retrieve a hold when it is ready.
  • Check Out items

There is a lot in this information but remember you can come back and view this in parts.

This is a video giving some insight on what OverDrive is and what OverDrive is not.

Mr. George has provided a training for staff to introducing staff to Digital Downloads.  It’s available in three parts.

Here’s a demonstrate on how to use OverDrive. (available on the staff intranet computer)

You’ll notice the menu on the left side of the demo. There are three sections and each one is under 2 minutes long.

  1. Accessing Digital Downloads
  2. Signing in to Digital Downloads
  3. Searching for eBooks

Feel free to re-watch topics if you need a refresher.

How do I place a hold? How do I retrieve that hold once I receive notification it’s available for checkout? Maria shows us how.

There is a lot of information in this section and this can be overwhelming. Customers will appreciate you knowing how OverDrive works.  Remember to use your fellow co-workers as resources too.

Want to guess what is next? We get to download a book, stay tuned.

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