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The library has Digital Downloads available for customers on the website.  OverDrive is the company that provides us with our digital content.

By the end of this post you will be able to:

  • Explain Overdrive what is it and is not to customers.
  • Sign in to Digital Downloads
  • View my account
  • Browse items
  • Search by format
  • Search available copies using advanced search options
  • Place a hold and retrieve a hold when it is ready.
  • Check Out items

There is a lot in this information but remember you can come back and view this in parts.

This is a video giving some insight on what OverDrive is and what OverDrive is not.

Mr. George has provided a training for staff to introducing staff to Digital Downloads.  It’s available in three parts.

Here’s a demonstrate on how to use OverDrive. (available on the staff intranet computer)

You’ll notice the menu on the left side of the demo. There are three sections and each one is under 2 minutes long.

  1. Accessing Digital Downloads
  2. Signing in to Digital Downloads
  3. Searching for eBooks

Feel free to re-watch topics if you need a refresher.

How do I place a hold? How do I retrieve that hold once I receive notification it’s available for checkout? Maria shows us how.

There is a lot of information in this section and this can be overwhelming. Customers will appreciate you knowing how OverDrive works.  Remember to use your fellow co-workers as resources too.

Want to guess what is next? We get to download a book, stay tuned.


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Digital content has been around us in many ways.

Project Gutenberg has been around since 1971.

The availability of affordable eReader devices is drawing more attention on digital content.  This article from USA Today says that the “Week after holidays, e-book sales outdo print.” Affordable eReaders made a significant impact.

The Kindle has been around since November 2007.  Robin uses her Kindle to read periodicals without having all that paper around. It could be a greener option.

Stanza App give access to Project Gutenberg materials. Content from Project Gutenberg has been reformatted and is available through OverDrive. You can find a lot of free content for eReaders. These are items in the public domain.

Here’s some additional information on the Kindle history from Wikipedia if you’re interested.

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How does the Library go about adding digital content to the Library?

We’re part of the Central Ohio Library Consortium.

Fiction, non-fiction and audio books are part of the digital content for the Library.  Digital content helps to meet customer demands by getting popular materials. We use OverDrive to provide our digital content.

Additional information about the audio books will be shared after the details are worked out.

Heidi’s recommendation is to push buttons and don’t expect to get it right the first time. Go practice with the DigitalDownloads.

New and exciting things coming for 2011…comic books. graphic novels, music.

Staff and keep up with the Technical Services Blog available on CMLsi (the staff intranet).

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I recently read this post from the Library Journal Bubble Room Blog by Alison Circle.

Alison linked to the Edmonton Public Library Digital Content page that provides resources in finding eReader information. Their video Things to Consider Before Purchasing an eReader also provides useful links when helping customers.

The amount of information about eReaders is overwhelming. New users have to download and install software free software to use DigitalDownloads. This can be a detailed process, especially with a new technology. Don’t forget, CML has good information available on columbuslibrary.org/ereaders. The video tutorials at the bottom of each device page link to OverDrive and provide some helpful information. You can refer customers to the eReader page.

I received some helpful eReader information links from Kelli N from other libraries. I’ve not verified all the information but I’m sharing the links. Thanks Kelli!

Muncie Public Library in Indiana has a “Getting Started with Overdrive” link providing a basic step-by-step document that customers would find helpful.
Seattle Public Library offers this instructional PDF on downloading an eBook from their site that a customer could print off and keep for future reference until they have the process down.
While at New Albany, Katherine shared one of her favorite eReader resources best-ereaders.com.  The site has videos of most eReader devices. This video gives you a brief introduction to the site.

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Robin talks about our digital collection powered by OverDrive.

CML has had OverDrive since 2005.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and it’s available as a DigitalDownload.

“Libraries have always been good at being Sherpas, guiding our customers through the landscape.” It’s what we do.

Electronic resources have been around a long time.  That’s digital content that we have to access it in a new way. We’re using new tools to help customers.

More resources are being budgeted to meet the needs of customers. Digital books are important. Print books are not going away.

Robin’s advice: “Pay attention to what’s going on in the world.”  Stop by the digital devices when you visit an electronics store. Our customers are watching.

Robin suggests following mediabistro for eBook information.

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